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Handling line includes three main automated units:

Wagon discharge

Storage of the cargo

Ship loading

A distinguishing feature of European Sulfur Terminal is the full enclosure of all technological lines, protecting operations from weather exposure. This allows transshipment throughout the year without risking the quality of the product.

The facilities are fitted with all the required equipment, including aspiration system and dust filters, assuring efficient protection of the environment.

The terminal is equipped to handle both granular and crushed bulk sulfur.


2 wagon tipplers
2 transborders
6 minutes – unloading of a wagon
Dust suppression system

Sulfur is delivered to the terminal in railway wagons of up to 80 tonnes

The equipment has been designed and produced by ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik.

A wagon is placed on the platform of the wagon tippler, and the product discharges into the hopper below. The empty wagon moves to the transborder and then further to the adjacent railway track.



Sulfur is transferred from the hopper of the wagon tippler to the storage via the conveyor system where it is poured into stockpiles.

The stockpile formation and further product transportation to the shiploader is performed by the stacker-reclaimer.

Vessel loading

Product is transferred to the shiploader via a system of belt conveyors and transfer towers. Then the shiploader delivers it to a hold of a vessel using its own system of conveyors.

Shiploader key features:

Mobility, free movement along the berth on rails

Berth conveyor gallery protected from weather exposure

Aspiration and dust control system

Two marine vessels can be loaded simultaneously.


Shiploader by ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik, Germany

Capacity – 2 500 tonnes per hour


Shiploader by VIGAN Engineering S.A., Belgium

Capacity – 2 000 tonnes per hour

operation since 2009